Developing a Marketing Communications Plan

Marketing communications (“marcoms”) include brochures, press releases, websites and presentations. The closeness of marcom planning to the customer makes it one of the most important activities that a company undertakes. Thoughtfully written marcom plans:

Use one style across a vast number of products, regions, and customer interactions.

Enable diverse teams of people to create integrated communications vehicles.

Ensure your messages rise above the ‘noise’ of the marketplace and consistently resonate with your target audiences.

Get better results for expenditures of time and money.

Action Plan:

1.   Research then decision-making to understand your:

Target audience profiles
Buying, selling, and communications processes

2.   Armed with a solid understanding of your market, you then need to make a number of decisions:

Objectives - why?
Messages - what?
Vehicles  -  how?
Budget and schedule - when?

Marcom plans can be focused at :

Product level
Product line level
Company level (for example, company or brand image) or any combination of the three.

Points for consideration when preparing an effective marcom plan:

Ideally a plan should address each step in the communication process. However, this is dictated by budgets so requires prioritisation.
It's often best to prioritise your weaker areas, eg. don't bother building awareness in a market where yours is already the preferred product/service.
Focus on the first half of the communication process for your newer products, and on the second half for established products.

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